Rapid Prototyping

Responsiveness is not just a technical term describing web pages. It is how you navigate changes in Market conditions that allows you to retain positive control of your business and achieve more than sustainability- at times it’s how you achieve survivability.

It’s true that no single system can do it all. However, certain systems offer the best of both worlds when it’s time to regroup and focus tightly on core business- or conversely when it’s utterly essential to innovate and tackle new markets. In this latter case the speed at which you move is important, if not the single most defining factor in achieving success.

However- doing it well- this is something you will not want to compromise.

What if your new prototype were not just created and standing on its own. What if it benefited from the stable processes and information channels you already have in place based on your existing business? What if it was more an extension, an extra arm or leg that already responded and communicated with the rest of you. Ok, you’d feel pretty silly if you really had an extra arm or leg hanging around, and in some ways having something else to manage that’s already connected with the rest of your operations does present its own set of challenges. However, innovation is exactly what is required to survive the impact of globalization, and this trend will exist during the next 10-15 years.

This is not a fad- it is a trend- and those who understand technology realize that it is terra-forming our planet more than ever.

RetroScale™ offers rapid prototyping for your newest venture. Whether it is a one-off media campaign leading to a new market segment, or it is a dedicated offering that will become part of your main business line, you will be able to tap into your existing data sets, your existing client base, and get started quickly as new types of contacts arrive- the Automated features behind the scenes help you understand the interactions with new types of clients (or new visitations from existing clients- even better!), and make recommendations based on their activity. This is not dumb reporting, it’s active business intelligence and it is part of what makes RetroScale an advanced software helping you to remain productive and focused on what you’re good at.