Migration Guide

Please sign up to download our PDF document outlining the steps to Migration. This combination Blueprint/Action Plan is described in fair detail below about what it contains, and this follows our model of transparency- of course, what we hope to achieve is your understanding of how unusual this system is. We realize Systems Integration, Modular Systems, and Hybrid Systems are not firsthand knowledge for some of you.

That’s ok!We don’t believe you need a tech degree to understand or benefit from this- you just need to want to be an owner vs. a renter. You want to create a sustainable business and secure your place in the Virtual Market…

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Experience firsthand how easy and convenient we deliver secure content using this system.
Next- we really do wish to demonstrate how business can be transparent and respectful. We will never use your Identity (in this case, your Email address) for anything other what we both agree to.
You agree to receive this Migration Guide, and simultaneously establish your ability to return to the site logged in on this device all without passwords. Based on future interactions, this makes it easy for us to communicate if you get going, something you will appreciate.

Getting Started with the Migration Guide