Marketing Automation

See if this makes sense: there are a series of steps that lead from first contact or lead generation, through making a potential sale. However, we believe there are many more important parts of client relations than making a sale. There are entire sites that are reputation based in which no direct sales occur- and some business models rely entirely on what used to be called PR to establish their success.

Applied to modern marketing, and not just speaking of online marketing, there is an entire movement tending to the quality of experience had by a visitor to your place of business. Whether that is your retail store or online store- there is both a formal and informal set of expectations to maintain before leaving an impression of your personal style.

You need a system that represents all of it. Yet frequently the compromises required by using modern 3rd Party systems dictate extra hoops to jump through for your client, at minimum requiring parts of the user experience (storyboard, UX) that you wouldn’t otherwise include. At worst it either prevents certain actions, or dictates how your interaction will proceed.

  • With automation it is is  better to respond appropriately to a reduced set of expectations than to engage as if your system is completely intelligent and fail to deliver.
  • Do not annoy the customer with excessive automated checks, or extra hitches in the storyboard that require interaction, including wait times. Times when it is appropriate to check valid status can be handled in a storyboard frame that establishes a positive narrative.
  • RetroScale offers the ability to combine steps and automate resource management for both your employees and clients alike. Appointment and scheduling reminders- marketing mail including recommended products or “highlights” from previous visits. these are just examples…