Integrated Business Platform

Integrated Business Platform

Small Business is still looking for a champion in the tech field.

Enterprise scale applications and the Infrastructure required to run them are extremely expensive in terms of time and cost to build before considering the tech crew required to maintain it. Yet the solutions offered within the grasp of our favorite Small Business concepts are fragmented and utterly lacking intelligent system components, and compromises to the user experience await even the most courageous and technically savvy owners.

Several tools exist for entrepreneurs and online marketers- tools like ClickFunnels(tm) and Zapier(tm) creating integrations between a multitude of 3rd party services. There are, in addition, a few platforms created to be fully integrated systems, or at least fully integrating a portion of the scope of business required for some online producers. One system capable of handling big box office is NewKajabi(tm). Unfortunately several of these solutions either lack the flexibility of modular components or fail to run on your own Domain.

There are exceptional applications and a cobbling together of applications useful for some people- indispensable for others. However ownership and branding is a strong question, and the increasing complexity as well as the constant compromises required to customize the user experience (UX) is another final exclamation point.

Stop Making Your Clients Jump Through Hoops

The question is, how long would you like to compromise your clients’ user experience? Why should your system, or the lack of your system’s integration insert extra frames into your Storyboard? How long will you sacrifice opportunities for branding by running your interested visitors through someone else’s domain? Would you buy or build a house on someone else’s land where you never truly have ownership?

Solutions using certain 3rd party “integrations” in which several rather excellent but autonomous services are cobbled together into a semblance of a cohesive system- this presents similar compromises in the design of custom and expedient user experiences (UX).

For the last question: when was the last time your latest and greatest tech solution actually brought you closer to the “perfect world” you imagined when you bought it?

In a perfect world…

Imagine custom infrastructure built to specification for your precise business model, automating parts of it that could, automating steps within your marketing model for a highly personalized and ultimately tactful user experience. Something so far outside of “sales-y” that your competitors are jealous. A stable, affordable system that not only disrupts your competitor’s edge, it completely revolutionizes the workflow within your organization, instantly bumping productivity and giving everyone the break they probably deserve.

In the real world…

The Law of Economy of Scale applies to tech systems and Information systems in general (including your CMS such as WordPress) and one particular application of this Law is what actually prevents the perfect world system from being constructed for your business at a Small Business scale.

Small Business systems need to be created following a sufficient business model to profit the creators of it. This is why the SAAS, or 3rd Party Services came into being. This amounts to the Appification of business components. However, this also explains the frequent lack of inter-operability that represents its double-edge. Intermediate solutions such as InfusionSoft(tm) as well as other systems integrations serving niche markets are prominent.

Truly Integrated Systems are the elite territory of the Enterprise, responding to the law of economy of scale in a different way. The chief benefit of the extremely deep and wide separation of labor and (technological) concerns within a large-scale system also means that a large labor pool is required to maintain proper operations and oversee the organization itself. Frequently these are not naturally renewable or sustainable systems, requiring additional intelligence or management to produce such ongoing benefits. Additionally, Integrated Systems are by nature cumbersome in a market which increasingly requires agility to survive. Many Big Business entities discovered this the hard way during 2008-2013.

In the perfectly real world…

Hybrid systems are not exactly a buzzword, but this is exactly what has been invested in from all tech sectors since 2010.

The Enterprise invested heavily in Cloud Infrastructure and leveraged advances in programming languages as well as savvy code maintenance regimes to gain what amounts to Modularity. Small Business have been somewhat catered to by many fragmented 3rd Party services selling everything from Vaporware to legitimate services- and these have been gathered and recapitulated, cobbled together, strung by tooth-and-nail, or manually interfaced via [yet more] 3rd party applications.

While this latter part seems a little chaotic, if not heinous, it is nonetheless an improvement and represents new possibilities for many levels of producers. Notably, the advent of such systems has heralded a completely new business class- the “Micro Producer” meaning a solo-preneur or single operator with enough business savvy to command potentially 6-figure earnings while utilizing completely modular components leaving very few traces of a traditional business footprint.

RetroScale™ is a Hybrid System

Integrated Systems taking advantage of the Modularity and maintainability of modular system components represent the of choosing 3rd Party Systems, and the stability as well as ownership (read: branding and complete installations on your own domains) single common underpinning preventing most small business from creating and sustaining a custom infrastructure on their own domain, we would like you to know that there is a solution. RetroScale™ is an Enterprise Information System specifically scaled for Small Business to leverage powerful features such as

  1. Complete Membership System
    • SSO – Secure, Passwordless Login (MiCASA)
    • Automation for Sales Funnels and Marketing,
    • Secure CDN serving Subscription based Content*
    • Email Marketing and Transactional Mail services
    • Online Course Builder
    • Teaching and Training System (LMS)
  2. Integrated Calendar System
    • Robust and Flexible Appointment Management
    • Integrated Reminders via Text or Email
    • Employee Scheduling and Syllabus Management
    • Events and Templating Engine for
  3. Marketing Automation
    • Automated SEO and Advanced Tagging Engine
    • Virtually Intelligent Contextual Marketing
    • Mail Integrated CRM
    • Virtually Intelligent Market Segments
    • Support for Text-based Marketing
  4. Business Intelligence and Data Operations
    • Conflict free processing for Parallel, Hierarchic, and Autonomous Data
    • Data Collections as first-class-citizens
    • Cross-site Data and Resource sharing securely and natively without CORS*
    • Virtually Intelligent Site Assistant (one click opt-in as of GDPR)
    • Double-blind operations gathers data/satisfies GDPR
  5. Fully Decoupled Content
    •  Environment
    • Single Administrative Console via WordPress Dashboard or alternate CMS
    • Penalty free curated content**
    • Custom Administrative Workflows
    • Custom Organizational Workflows
    • Custom User Experience (UX) and Storyboarding
  6. Leading Security Solution
    • Cryptographically Secure Communications*
    • Crypto-secure User Vaults*
    • Integrated Calendar systems for Appointments, and Events
  7. Quantum Network Topology
    • Supports simultaneous Hierarchic, Parallel, and Autonomous Data Nodes
    • Hubs featuring Central Authority and Standalone Ops
    • Satellites permit networking-on-the-fly*
    • Granular Permissions and Policy-based transactions and sharing*
    • MeshNet behavior relying on proprietary private network layer component*



Roadmap to Migrate Your Small Business